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The ONE Way That is the Wrong Way

Jagoff Drivers on One Way Lane

Ok, we admit, this is a bit of low-level jagoffery but, it’s still jagoffery.  The part you do not see in this photo of a car clearly pointing the wrong way right in front of a One-Way sign is, the driver was wearing a t-shirt that said, “Smartest Guy!”  Our YaJagoff staff of photographers, who all have formerly worked for the National Enquirer, had a difficult time grabbing that photo so you’ll just have to trust us on this one.

One other note, the guy left this spot, then came back around, the wrong way, and parked in the same spot the second time.

Bub, you’re like the guy who wear’s a flashy hat, shirt and knickers outfit to golf with his buddies who are all in jeans.  If you’re gonna be confident in your clothing, ya gotta back that $hit up with some skill.  You might be proud to tout that you’re Smartest Guy but the empirical evidence presented to us is that you’re not really….maybe you’re 8th or 9th smartest and, when it comes to practical, common sense knowledge, you’re about 389th, YaJagoff!

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