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Pictures Don’t Prove the Level of Jagoff   

Disclaimer, this may be more of a cry for help to rid of the polka dots on my unpaid off table.  But the story is just too good to not post as a jagoff! – Written by Rachael

The set up:  Dinner was over at 5:40. No reason to be hungry in the 6 or 7 o’clock hours.  I was getting the supplies for the coveted Rennebeck run for secretary.  Ya know, both boys held the office of secretary and the pressure is on for my youngest, the daughter, to follow suit.  So, I got the poster board, glitter bats and stickers—yep those are essential for the poster: “Don’t be batty, vote for Addie.” 

Addie got hungry and placed the pub pretzels that say “oven use only” into the microwave and they burned.  To cover the burn smell, she began to wave the pumpkin-scented air wick—the oil kind—in the air, which have left dots on the Kelly Ripa table that is nowhere near paid off yet.  

Two good things here: 1. She was smart enough to NOT use the stove as directed any time a parent is not home.  2. When you move your finger to try to rub in the dots, they spread and create multi-colored polka dots that match any décor. SIGH! 

I know.  It is a table.  The election is more important.  A tablecloth will cover the polka dots. The poster completion is more important. Just try to understand the frustration, plus the smell of pumpkiny pumpkin fills my house, so good job Air Wick. So, shake it off, cover that table and let’s hope for a secretary win, ya jagoff…I mean sweet girl. 

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