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A Pick-up Parking Problem?


Lots of reasons why guys drive big trucks.  No comparable reasons as to why females drive big trucks.

Another thing that I don’t have a reason for….why the drivers can’t figure out how to pull those big trucks into one parking space and why they believe it’s okey-dokey to straddle 4 parking spots.  It just so happens that both of these came to the YaJagoff Facebook Page on the same day.

Was there some kind of trucknal-equinox where the sun crosses a part of the equator or one of the poles and causes trucks to center themselves over the exact center of 4 parking spots?  The SJIU (Special Jagoffs Investigate Unit) crews on on it.  They are pretty good at trying to get eggs and brooms to stand during the vernal equinox soooo…just sayin’….they ain’t just some crack crew of monkeys!

So until the SJIU research comes in, let’s just say…Pick-up-er PeterParkers, learn how to park  before we sentence you to parallel parking with a manual transmission, with an overly full bladder with an electrical wire attached to your underoos on Pittsburgh’s famous Sycamore Street, Ya Jagoffs!!

Thanks to Nicole and Christine for being our Honorary Jagoffs #PeterParkers Catchers!