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#PeterParkers (Look at the license plate)


Why #PeterParkers?  Well, you must be new here.  This will tell ya what the hashtag means.

In the meantime, clearly this truck has crowd anxiety issues and rocked itself out of the parking spot that it’s very, very responsible driver put it in!  That’s obvious because, as you can see, if someone WOULD have parked this truck thinking that it was a space, they didn’t get the spacing correct.  So there’s no way this happened on purpose.

That is, unless your a total JAAAAAAGOFFFFF! The question is, did the license plate come before the parking job or did someone see that way that you parked and ADD the license plate in the parking lot.  Hope you’re having fun riding around in your HUGE truck making up for other inadequacies, Ya Jagoff!!!

Thanks to Jason Snyder on Facebook for being today’s Honorary Jagoff Catcher!