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“Peter Parkers” FriDEE!


Straight in.  Between the lines.  But…..kind of like the Penguins last 3 post seasons… pure disappointment at the finish.  Here’s the message that came with this picture on Instagram.

Prius drivers can only be just so social conscious I guess. Check out this Jagoff at Starbuks on the Mainline in Philly.

It’s cool that the “let’s be green” Prius driver is at Starbucks to get a daily fix of  a WholeLotta-Carmel-Crappa-Macchiato-with-a-double-shot-of-fall-4-methylimidazole- Class IV-Caramel-Color-pumpkin-spice, ain’t it?  But, who is to judge.. other than most Prius drivers?

All that I know is that this parking sich (a word  that the cool kids table uses today for “situation.”) is ALMOST perfect except for the complete lack of consideration for everyone else… unless of course, this is some kind of huge spider web, made by a spider with a protractor, and it gobbled up your car by accident, Ya Jagoff!

Click –>#PeterParkers if you want to know why we call these #PeterParkers.


Thanks to STEALTHNERD on Instagram for being our Honorary Jagoffs Catcher for today’s blog post.