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Parents That Are Jagoffs

Parents Being Jagoffs

It’s a PROUD moment for Western Pennsylvania adulting!!  Public fighting! Yayyy!

Basically, the story is: a fight broke out at a local KIDS gaming place.  You know, a place where kids mingle with other kids and share and play and, of course, smear boogers and slobber all over everything.  But, something happened that caused a bit of a raucous including one or two of the individuals utilizing the ol’ hockey-sweater-over-the-head maneuver and I’m thinking it was a little more intense than just a few, misunderstood, “Hey! Hi-ya doin’s?”

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No report, yet, about how many Skee Ball tickets this little wrestling display might have been over.

To the adults seen fighting in the video, nice work preparing the little ones on how to handle themselves in life AND in a public “fun” place.  Fist-fights solve EVERYTHING in the world ESPECIALLY when you’re holding 27 pounds of Skee Ball tickets that have the redemption value of a 3″ tall stuffed animal or, even worse, 7 of those plastic parachute figures that you roll up into a ball and throw up into the air.

Just so ya all of ya know… when one goes to one of these public-crawl-through-the-tube-play-in-a-bin-of-sweaty-balls-and-touch-everything-ya-can-with-your-boogery–pick-your-butt-kid-hands kind of places, you’re only supposed to leave with the airborne droplets of a snotty-nose or strep throat…not black eyes, bloody lips and torn clothes, YA JAGOFFS!!!