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Celebrating at Papa J’s!

When you walk in with gelato on your mind but realize that the menu is so good that you ARE NOT skipping the meal and saving the cals for the sweet stuff….you are at Papa J’s.  A revived family favorite restaurant, that was once in Carnegie, now calls the Strip District home and welcomes families, date nights, and admirers of Italian cuisine.  

My family recently celebrated my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary and started with a few apps and drinks; the espresso martini is a fave.  The kids sat at one end and enjoyed their own pizza appetizer before their meatball sandwiches arrived.  

As for meals, come hungry!  I enjoyed salmon, but my mom had pasta that was the size of bread rolls…okay slight exaggeration but you get it!  And from one Italian to another, my mom loved the sauce! WHOA! 

After more drinks and complimentary sugared almonds, an Italian custom for weddings, we still opted to have some pistachio and coffee-flavored gelato….both were fantastic!  In fact, my parents had almonds and pennies thrown at them on their wedding day instead of walking through rose petals or bubbles like we do today.  

Celebrate, come hungry, and appreciate the family environment at PaPa J’s.  


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