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Criminal Jagoffs

Package Stealing Jag (See Video)

When you watch the video of this woman, it makes ya wanna call our buds at City Surveillance.

Here is the tweet that went along with the video:
this is the 2nd time this week I caught someone stealing packages off my front porch. Can you help?
Why of course we can.  We’re posting this just to see if anyone might be able to identify this Jag.

Watch the video below (it’s real).

Lady, I hope that when you get caught, you don’t go to jail.  I hope that the package you stole was a rolling pin and, when you get caught,  the true owners of the package get to take their turns banging your knees, elbows and ankles with the rolling pin for an amount of time equal to the time that the rightful owner spent looking for their package that never seemed to arrive.  And then, before you are taken to get X-rays, you actually have to work an entire day as a package delivery person in your bruised conditions, to see how hard someone actually works to make their OWN living so that they can enjoy life and BUY their own things vs. stealing someone else’s Ya Jagoff!

NOTE: And just in case you didn’t realize, YES, “Law Abiding Citizen” with Gerard Butler IS one of my favorite movies.

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