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Hockey Jagoffs

Ovechkin “Worst Local Athlete” – DC Area!

OK, so this doesn’t REALLY fit our model of posting people trying to make Pittsburgh look bad but.. it feeeeeeeeeels REALLY good to write this!

As you may know, our blog was selected as the Best Local Blog- 2012 by Pittsburgh Magazine this week.  (We promise not to keep mentioning it but we DO appreciate all of you that follow and that voted!) It was TRULY a “Pee Your Pants” moment for us!!!!!!

In the meantime, in a Washington Magazine Poll, Alex Ovechkin was chosen the WORST LOCAL ATHLETE in the DC area. Haaaa… haaaa.. DC’s WORST ATHLETE!   He even beat out a local NBA player, Andrew Blatche…..Haaa.. haaaaa… (pee trickle) haaaaaaaa…haaa!!!  Hard to be a bigger @#$@ than an NBA player!

Well, it’s good that the Washington Capitals fans finally see Ovechkin the way the rest of the world sees him.  Look at this pic of him doing his Russian Rap song last year.

Hey Ovie…the problem with your character is, being a WINNER with an attitude is one thing but being a LOSER and throwing an attitude around is total Jagoffery.  We suggest trying a sweeter, softer character.  For example, maybe the next music video you should make would be a remake of the Carly Rae Jepson, “Call Me Maybe” song.  See our graphic representation below.  You’ll notice we touched up the photo with our Draw Something skills.

WORST LOCAL ATHLETE?  Don’t get us wrong, we’ve thrown some hate on some athletes here in the ‘Burgh, i.e. Cliff Stoudt, Dave Parker, Barry Bonds and Jaromir Jagr but…. we’ve NEVER hated one bad enough that it came up for a vote!!!!  So try our softer, sweeter personality remedy, try to sit down and shut-up, play hockey with your team and then call us when you WIN something of value, Ya Jagoff!!!!!!!!

Don’t forget to check out our t-shirts.  Proceeds go to Breast Cancer Research at Magee Women’s Hospital.

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