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Ovie Made It Over

As Pittsburgh Penguin fans, we hated the Pens loss, but eventually dealt with the fact that a  threepeat was a pretty tall order.  Plus, let’s face it, the Golden Knights were the next best team to cheer on. The success story of their first year, plus the Flower and other notable Pens of course, helped Pittsburgh root for the underdogs.  But, the inevitable happened. After a tie game, Ovie and the gang called it over.  Then to put the bitter icing on the cake, Ovie got the Conn Smythe Award and pranced around the ice–I mean skated around with his earned hardware.  Let’s face it folks, it is deserved. Here are 5 ways to not diffuse being a jagoff about the recent win:

  1. Don’t wear a Caps jersey–just go with a Pens throwback.  After all a repeat tee invites the “yah but not this year,” comments.
  2. Don’t bandwagon buy an Ovie jersey.  Yes, he deserves it but the buck stops there. #87 and #91 are among Pens faves.
  3. Don’t incessantly watch NHL network for game highlights.  There are a ton of Pens vids that will better suffice.
  4. Don’t randomly suggest Alex or worse yet Ovie as a newborn baby’s name regardless of the sex.  Again, Sidney, Jake and even Evgeni are better choices.
  5. Don’t be a jagoff and complain about the coveted Flower.  He played like the champ he is and will forever be remembered as a fierce contender. After all, no one likes a Flower Jagoff!