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Our First Toilet Paper Jagoff of the Coronavirus (From Hawaii)

YaJagoff Post in Hawaii

Who wastes toilet paper?  Oh sure.. before this Coronavirus pressure.. some wasted toilet paper in many ways.. throwing away the last 5 squares vs. using the roll down to the last, oddly-folded, half of square or even rolling 1/4 of a roll around their hand before they wiped!

But.. who just leaves a pile of fresh rolls of toilet paper on the side of road? Especially at a time when a single roll is as valuable as the Hope Diamond, or even more, as valuable the Franco Harris Immaculate Reception game-day football.

Dude or dudette… Wondering what kind of ear beatin’ ya got when ya got home and someone asked, “Hey! Where’s the toilet paper I sent ya for?” You might have been better to have left your wallet full of credit cards near that fire hydrant or a pile of crack cocaine and the money owed to the dealer than to have left a pile of TP.. YaJagoff!

Thanks @Libbunnie of Instagram (Hawaii) for being today’s Jagoff Catcher!

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