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Election Day Jagoffs

One More Election Day Jagoff Post

Are these things the Yellow Pages of election day?

There are standards at every election day poll location.  The same faces that you see very year checking you in.  The same sounds and smells of the building and.. the most important of all… the same sets of donuts, bags of chips, crockpots of food and sandwich rings sitting around inside where ya vote.

And you know what else is sitting (or standing) around every year?  The peeps outside of the polling place ready to hand you promotional material while you are approximately 128 seconds away from voting.  “Vote for this person!” “Here’s some information on our candidate.”

Some of these peeps you know from previous years and you shoot a little cordial convo:

“Hey, miss ya!”


“Kids ok?”

“Yeah yours?”

“All good”


“Want one of these?”

Response: Yes or no (depending on how bad you feel for them)

And THANKFULLY you eventually come across the single most important thing sitting around… the trash receptacle  that is within 15 feet of the promo peeps!  That receptacle to be used by you as you go to the donuts/chip/crock-pot room to vote OR used by the promo peeps at the end of their shift because they are too afraid to turn all of the fliers back in!

Can someone palllleeeeeez use their common sense here?  Nobody reads this stuff.  And, if they do and change their mind because of it…. they should be tripped as they try to register their vote. Think of how this money could use to actually help society.. hunger, homelessness, illness cures.. vs wasting it on printing useless fliers.

Oh wait… maybe we should just print cards that everyone trades:

My Mom is Fine/Not So Good/Rather Not Talk (Circle Only One)

My Dad is Fine/Not So Good/Rather Not Talk (Circle Only One)

My (Insert Integer) kid(s) are Fine/Not So Good/Rather Not Talk (Circle Only One)

My Job is Fine/Not So Good/Rather Not Talk (Circle Only One)

My Souse/Significant other is Fine/Not So Good/Rather Not Talk (Circle Only One)

Have a Nice Day!

Can someone running these campaigns use common sense?  Hey.. how about a coupon on the bottom of each of those? And get your @#$@!# signs off the roads too… YaJagoffs!