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Family Jagoffs


YaJagoff Podcast- Spoon

Today’s blog written by Rachael.

Every day I find one of the following in my washing machine: 

  • Notes about Physics and lifting reps 
  • Orthodontist rubber bands for braces 
  • Chapstick 

Often I find: 

  • Dollar bills 
  • Mushy Kleenex 
  • Snacks in pouches or gum 

I did some nebbing and there have been articles and plenty of blog posts written about items found in washing machines, as well as silly books.  Heck, even podcasts have cleverly joined in on the washing machine finding phenom.  But, in my 2,527 washing cycles, an estimate based on 19 years of laundry-doing, I have never found a spoon.  I guess it is not that crazy, except how does it get there?  I never put it passed my constantly-snacking kids to need a break while switching clothes out for me.  Ya know, applesauce and yogurt can be eaten anywhere.  But after more thought, how would the spoon end up IN the machine?  

Well, while it is easy to connect the physics notes to one son, match the ortho bands to another son, and easily pin the Chapstick on my daughter, the spoon could technically be any member of my household.  

Except spoon-leaving became a trend.  I found one in my husband’s lunch box, one on the floor of his car and oh yah one in the washing machine.  I found the spoon goon, culprit found.  The silver lining? It was already washed.  The better answer next time you crave yogurt in your lunch? Take plastic spoons and throw them away when you are done eating, ya jagoff! 

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