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The New Jagoff T-shirt Is In!

Well….we have a new shirt!  Hope that you like it.

It was designed by designer Justin Roach who has done work for Randyland, Primanti Brothers and album covers for Snoop Dog! You should follow him on Instagram @imjust and on Flckr.

NOTE:  The proceeds from shirt sales between now and August 31st will go to the Pittsburgh Emergency Medicine Foundation of which I am the current President.  The PEMF funds research projects related to the work done in ambulances and emergency departments.  All of the research is done locally and some of the small research projects funded by PEMF, have gone on to be multi-million dollar, nationally funded projects.  So hurry up and order!!!!

So how do you get one of these spiffy sunz-a-bitches?  Go right to our web store by clicking HERE!