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‘Nema’ A dull Moment 

Nemacolin Jagoffs

Planning an event in paradise is faaaaar from easy. There’s checking out photos and details online, maybe comparing to other places that are paradise-like.  Then making the deposit and scheduling the actual visit, and then shriek…..hault….stop! The walk-through reflects that perfection just doesn’t cut the mustard.  Wait, what? 

It is not uncommon to change your mind, especially when planning a wedding of all things, but a couple chose Nemacolin Woodlands as their wedding location based on the online pictures, and then saw it in person and bailed.  You know, the gorgeous surroundings and perfect ambiance just was not the up to par.   

Again, I get having something specific in mind.  I get wanting exactly what you want for your BIG day.  Even though I have been to Nemacolin a few times and love it, I get pictures not being EXACTLY what they appear, but to sue because it wasn’t what you imagined….seriously WHAT THE? 

You know when you are nebbing through a Howard Hanna site JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT and think wow that room is gorgeous I have to mimic it?  Then you sneak into the open house pretending that you are buying a house and you realize that the room photo HAD to have been taken at an angle that you just can’t imagine?  Because let’s face it, the room just doesn’t look like that?!  K, that is NOT Nemacolin.   

Look, changing your mind, not quite vibing the motif expected, ok.  Afterall, it is the BIG DAY! But wanting the deposit back and SUING because the pics don’t cut it?  Mind boggling!  Read the rules, follow them and deal.  I mean, paradise has rules, too, Ya Jagoff 

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