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Neighbors Fight Over Grass… Like Actual Grass… Not Weed

Here we go! Just why this blog was started… posting people embarrassing the rest of us Pittsburghers!

We meet Victor and Carey in the middle of a grass-clippings throwing match:

The criminal complaint reports both men are accused of throwing grass at each other. Delmar told police that Gregorini threw some grass at him with a shovel; while Gregorini accuses Delmar of throwing grass, blowing it at him with his tractor and knocking him over with a bushel full of clippings.

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As the story unfolds and, as you mom used to say, “It’s all fun until someone swings a machete.” The crazy thing about this is that Delmar and Gregorini AREN’T 7 years old! They are both “Mario Lemieux,” 66!!!

Way to go boys! You guys are the EPITOME of “there goes the neighborhood!”  We recommend you guys sign up for a Seniors Hockey League at a local ice rink. For one reason, the beer is usually super cold.  Secondly, you guys can throw more than grass clippings.. you can throw punches!  Then, you guys can fight once a week— with no chance of going to jail or getting hit by a machete—you only have to sit in a penalty box for 10 minutes each time, Ya Jagoffs!

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