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National Fill Your Stapler Day??? – That’s EVERY DAY!

YaJagoff Podcast Stapler Jagoffs at Work

According to the querky calendars, today is National Fill Your Stapler Day?  Well… isn’t EVERY day fill your stapler day?

I mean, every time I go to use a stapler, at work, at home, wherever… it seems that it’s always empty. Or, even MORE frustrating, the @#$%-ing thing has that one snaggle-tooth staple jammed into the opening, and you have to get plyers and play orthodontist to pull it out, because the last person to use the stapler was trying to staple 29 pages of a document to gether so that pounded the top of if with their fist or maybe even a sledge hammer to push the staple through… then walked away when it jammed.

National Fill Your Stapler Day? Hmmmm… I should try to relax about this but… this irks me so much because there aren’t many times, in my life, when I need a stapler but.. .when I do.. I have fill it or fix it FIRST!

Soooo…the next time you jam or empty a stapler, remember this blog post.. have some common courtesy… oh.. an since you’re more than likely same person, replace the toilet roll with one square on it, fix the paper jam that you left in the photocopier, refill the printer with paper, replace the paper towel holder that has that one half-folded towel glued on to the roll and empty the garbage that is sticking out of the top and poking open the garbage can lid like it’s about to expode… YaJagoff!

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