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National Emergency Medical Services Week… Be Sure to Say “Thanks”

NOTE: This post isn’t about me other than to give some background. This post is about making sure that you say “thanks” to your local EMS professionals some time this week!

Not all of my EMS days were this difficult! (that is me in the red circle)

But some days… if you ate your partner’s lunch or didn’t clean the ambulance properly… well…you got what you deserved! 🙂

May 19-25th is National EMS Week. Most of the general public have no idea. As I mentioned last year, EMS typically throws their own celebration ..inviting people like you in to have a tour of their station or a blood pressure taken. In the meantime, it is easier than ever to say “thanks” to your local EMS professionals.

Side note: This year’s EMS Week theme, as noted by the American College of Emergency Physicians and the National Association of EMTs is “Beyond the Call.” The theme is important in that, finally, the industry is looking at what happens to EMS professionals beyond when they are caring for patients.. after they go home.. after they go to their second or third job… after they have experienced the signs and symptoms of work/life balance pressures. Thankfully, the industry, typically callous to its providers to “buck-up and move on” to the next call, has started to look inward. EMS/public safety professional’s physical and mental health, divorce, burnout and suicide rate are now under scrutiny.. THANKFULLY.

In the meantime, what can YOU do? (thanks for asking)

Now more than ever it is easier to say “thanks” to your local EMS professionals.

  1. Stop by their ambulance station… say thanks…. have your kid make a picture with crayons or on their iPad.
  2. When you see a crew in the local fast-food restaurant or coffee shop, say “thanks” or maybe offer to pay their tab.
  3. (This one is the easiest one since you’re on Facebook a large portion of the day or… at least.. your toilet time!) Find your ambulance service’s Facebook page and post a “thank you” note. All it takes is for you to sit on the toilet one minute longer or watch one silly video.

I realize that every profession has a week of appreciation at this point but, this week, and this week only, I am hoping you will take some action for your EMS professionals. I would appreciate it if ya did…. Ya Jagoffs! (used in the term-of-endearment form!)

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