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Baseball Jagoffs

MLB Announces 4-Game Season of Silliness!

YaJagoff Podcast and the MLB Season

Ok.. well.. the title of this blog is a lie.  The MLB didn’t really announce a 4-game season but it does seem like time is ticking on how many baseball games we can possibly see in 2020.  I mean, hmmmm, they still haven’t decided how many less millions and/or hunNARDS of thousands of dollars less they are going to make for the season (which, by the way, would still leave every player/owner with millions and/or hunNARDS of thousands of dollars). The players need to have weeks and weeks of a warm-up camp. And then we might have to have anti-sulking training for the players who play but don’t really wanna play.

So, by the time we get to having a game, we might have the “Marathon Weekend of Baseball” which will start on a Friday, end on Sunday with playoffs on Monday afternoon. At least that’s what it seems like.

Relax! The potential lack of a baseball season doesn’t really bother me all that much.  I get most of my Pirates baseball news fix from overhearing bar-chatter via the real-experts.

But…… the real issue….this shortened baseball season means a dramatically less number of opportunities to get stadium nachos!  You know, the nachos that, if you were anywhere else than PNC Park, you would say suck..stale chips, nasty cheese and who knows how old of jalapenos. In the meantime, at PNC Park, looking out at the City skyline, drinking a cold beer, those nachos taste like a meal for royalty.

So, baseball be damned, but let’s fix this nacho-fix emergency please… YaJagoffs!


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