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Massive Amount of Jagoff Birds Coming over Pgh Today

Massive amount of birds fling over Pittsburgh

Look.. don’t get too crazy but, saw this on the the internet!!  (You know the place where everything is true!)

A “high intensity” bird migration event is expected to cross the Pittsburgh area Monday, with the possibility of more than 50,000 birds per square mile flying south. Predictions estimate nearly 400 million birds will be journeying south on Sunday and Tuesday nights, and nearly 500 million birds on Monday nightSee story on

Ok.. perfect timing for me to be inside watching the Steelers game because I do not want to see this happen. I am def not a wanna-be ornithologist.  And, if you’re outside, don’t be looking up with your mouth open.  And then there’s the cars! Yikes.  Droppings everywhere… GAWD SAVE US.. the lines at the car washes, tomorrow, are going to be like the toilet paler and disinfectant-wipes lines of 3 months ago. Save yourself! Save your kids. Save your car paint! When will the 2020 test of our sanity end?

NOTE: I hope those sunzabitches wear masks!

NOTE: And hoping they abide by the “no more than 100 individuals” at an outside gathering as they fly over Allegheny County.

This scary thing reminds me of a 3rd grade poem:

Birdie, birdie in the sky. Why’d yo do that in my eye. It hurt so bad it made me cry. Sure am glad cows don’t fly!

Stay away from my uncovered car you group of aves…YaJagoffs!

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