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“Man Bun” Madness


Yeah… that’s a Mancini’s Bakery bun on my head.

You say it looks silly?  I say, it looks just as silly as a real “man bun.” Some might say, “You’re just jealous because you don’t have the hair (or abs or overall looks for that matter) of a Leo or Jared.

OK.. so I might be a little jealous that I didn’t inherit my dad’s scalp of TV-Anchor-Hair but, on the other hand, I seem to have ended up with a wash-and-wear, drip-dry hair style.

But here’s the main question… someone thinks that growing out all of the hair that it takes to make a “man bun” is good but, you’re completely grossed out if I have 10 hairs on my back?

When I see this look I don’t know whether to reach for the scissors or ask you for a recommendation on which locally crowd sourced micro brewed stout has the most amount of natural hemp in it.

While I’m sure you Man Bun…nies can give me some great advice on urban foraging, here’s some advice for you…

Toast the “man bun.” Better yet, burn it Ya Jagoffs!