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Lord Stanley, Lord Stanley, Give ME a….. ShopVac!


It ain’t no surprise, the Pens lost.  But what IS a surprise is, this trash.

The City officials set up police, fire, EMS and other public services… basically rolled out the red carpet…. so that Pens fans could be together to bitch-and-moan IRL (stands for: in real life on twitter n’at)  when the Sharks went up by 2 goals in the first period and then high-five 50 people they didn’t even know, in elation, when the Pens tied the game in the first period vs. just tweeting or snapchatting the moment!

And after all of that, 40,000 or however many of you there was, with your kids and friends, acted like you never had a grandmother or mother that would beat your ass if you threw food and trash on the floor at home!

Seriously? You couldn’t take your broken chairs and deflated banger things and McD’s bags with you? OR, use some of the $120 that you used to get snacks, pay for parking, gas to get there and sit in traffic and a new Pens t-shirt, to purchase one box of large garbage bags so you could collect your own junk and leave it for someone to pick up?

Hey… I had a flat tire when I came out of my game party last night.  Had to stand there and change it and now I have to purchase a new tire.  Would it be ok if I run over to one of your yards and toss my old tire into YOUR yard or on your kitchen floor, Ya Jagoffs!!!!


Thanks to all of those, EMS, Fire, Police, Public Works and whomever else I’m forgetting for doing what you did to make this a great night!