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Local Food Options for Your Last-Minute Get Togethers

Not quite a meal, but more than an app.  

Nothing brings more joy than the ability to quickly and easily combine few ingredients for instant company gratification…ICG! Here are a few options for last-minute get-togethers using local this and that’s and two of my favorite beers: Ya Jagoff thanks to North Country Brewing and Primanti’s East End Brewing Almost Famous Pickle Beer.  

Sprezzatura has options beyond typical carry out, but how about a gourmet snack box? BRILL to the YANT! Order here and simply choose your gourmet snack box in the notes section of your order. 

Who better to trust for robust taste and the ability to command any party, perhaps even a football tailgate, than Mancini’s?  Afterall, they have been entertaining taste buds since 1926! Plus, you must use Mancini’s bread to dip baby dip! (In store only) 

Speaking of dipping, how perf is a veggie tray garnish with some pickle flava? Aunt Carol’s Gourmet dips sells a plethora of seasoning packets to go for meat marinates and dips. Dilly of dill is a favorite and all you do is add 1 Cup of mayonnaise & sour cream.  Yogurt can be subbed for fewer cals. 

With Picklesburgh around the corner, Primanti’s and East End Brewing challenge us to enjoy a ‘Burgh brew while puckering up.  These beers are available for a limited time and pair well with dips and bread.  Then again, what doesn’t 

Speaking of beer and Primanti’s, since they carried our liquid jagoff stuff, have ya tried the YaJagoff beer? It is refreshing year-round and pairs well with, well food.  (Rach’s fave: anything bread, John: pizza) 

Shameless plug? Naw! Mary Mac Bakehouse has enough packets to make any get together sweet or salty if that is how you are feeling. Our personal fave is beer bread with YaJagoff beer of course! 


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