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Recognizing the Last Day of School Jagoff

School days are winding down or half days are ramping up, and either way the Rennebeck cupboards reflect the lack of need for packed lunches.

The usual lunch consists of a fruit of choice, a granola bar of some sort, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. One crunchy and one smooth. (Not opening that question up for debate: crunchy vs creamy.) The obvious summer switch of routine is inventory. The  fruit goes from raspberries and blackberries to a banana or green apple. The bar selection? Oatmeal granola.  The sammy is the real taleteller!

The PB gets low and the replacement jars non-existent…so trial size it is!  You know, the to-go packets, AKA lifesavers! The jelly? Not so much…bring on the holiday some odd flavored jelly?  Just check the expiration date, ya jagoff! Happy last days of school!

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