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Las Vegas Celeb Checking in on Jagoffs

Jagoff Pittsburgh Blog Jagoffs

Today’s PeterParkers pic is special for 2 reasons! If you’re new here and don’t know what we mean by a PeterParkers pic, click here.

  1. It comes to us from Las Vegas
  2. It comes to us from a Pittsburgh legend, now relocated to Las Vegas, former DVE personality, Sean McDowell

Sean and his wife Cindy have been following the blog for YEARS and it’s super cool that he follows the blog even after he relocated to the Vegas sunshine.  No old-peoples-haven-in-Florida retirement for them. VEEEGAS BABEEEEEE!

On to the pic, it’s total laziness and, no doubt, that person would be the first to complain if someone bangs a shopping cart into their car.

Sean, Cindy.. keep up the Jagoff Sleuth work while you’re enjoying the Vegas retirement activities. We miss ya here in the Burgh… Ya Jagoffs! (said in the term of endearment context)

You can still follow Sean’s rock and roll updates on Twitter @DVESean


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