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Lanternflies – Are You Doing Your Part?

lanternflies pittsburgh

These lanternflies are everywhere…jumping, flying, sitting around looking gross. Seems like there are more of them in our daily lives than there are terrible towels on the Northside on a home game Sunday.

From, “If you find any life stage of spotted lanternfly in a municipality where it is known to exist, you should try to destroy it. This insect is considered a threat to some crops and many people are working to try to prevent it from spreading.”

But I feel like this is a never ending task.  I think I kill 6-12 per day but they just keep coming?  Is everyone doing their part? Maybe we need some kind of incentive for bagging the most lanternflies each day or week?  Can we get Giant Eagle gas perks for killing them?

C’mon Pittsburgh.. get your Gene Kelly moves on and start stepping on these things… YaJagoffs!

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