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Kitchen Cupboard Jagoffery

Jagoffs in the Kitchen with potato chips

This is a picture of the snack shelf in the kitchen cupboard.

What you see here is either the work of very smart rats that know how to work chip-clips OR family members that have a complete lack of respect for a sudden, late night, crunchy/salt craving.

There I am…watching the Steelers/Washington game Monday night.  After the score got tied along with the “we dropped a lot of balls” factor, I got the anxious munchies.  I needed salt and crunch so I headed to the snack cupboard and this is what I found.

So now I’m desperate…stale/salty does not satiate a crunchy/salt craving. In the meantime, the Steelers go down by 3… and I’ve got nuthin.  There’s not even one of those small double-packet of restaurant saltines. I was relagated to eating tiny, stale, potato chip specs on a carrot stick sandwich.

Can someone PALEEEEEEEZE learn to use one of the 769 free chip-clips from one the local chiropractors, insurance agents and hospitals that are in our silverware drawer OR one of the 10-12 black, triangular paperclip thingies, that we “borrowed” from work over the years? When a person in the house has a late-night crunchy/salt craving they should be able to have a little satisfaction……..Ya Jagoffs!

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