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Kennywood Jagoffs

Kennywood – A Zit Poppin Good Time

Well, yesterday we hit up Kennywood late in the day thanks to some comp tickets!
We had a great time!!!

On the way, we posted on Facebook a call for a list of standard “Kennywood Jags” we might encounter. Below are some excerpts from the page.


These are only a few from Facebook. Quite honestly, if we were playing Kennywood Jagoff Bingo, we could have won a COVER-ALL special within an hour of getting there including the Raging Rapid riders that don the plastic “don’t-wanna-get-wet” slip overs but, spend so long in line with it on that they end up soaking their clothes in SWEAT vs. the ride water! But our jagoff takes the prize!!

You know how close everyone gets when you are winding back and forth thru the line railings at a ride like the Racer? You see/hear intimate teenage puppy love talk, cellphone conversations, you smell some of the shvetty all-day riders and sometimes you even brush up against one of them or, the WORST, you go to put your hand on the rail without looking and inadvertently firmly put your hand down on top of an unknown person’s hand!!!!

Our Kennywood Jag……..worse than that.

While waiting in line, a guy pulled up his t-shirt sleeve and began to search for, AND PICK AT, arm pimples!!!!

(Ohhh, yep!!! Just like now, there was puke in my throat!)

Hey Clem-the-pimple-popper, first, that’s just gross! Second, you need a smart phone with APPS to occupy your time..there’s probably even a pimple-popping game APP…at least there’s a bubble-wrap popping APP….same concept!

Finally, please save the pimple-popping for your wife to do in the privacy of your own home. Don’t ya know that, after 15+ years of marriage, that’s how you “spend time together” other than sitting in your car at the grocery store parking lot waiting for her to finish the weekly shopping, Ya Jagoff??


Don’t forget to check out our Travel Mugs.

“This is MY drink, Ya Jagoff!

Click the pic.


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