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We Just HAVE To Be Better Than This (as humans)


Really?  We can’t get any better than this?

You might say, this is like one of those situations when, you have to pass gas… so you look around… you see nobody… you look again… you STILL see nobody….not a soul…so you pass the gas!  That’s when someone comes out of nowhere and walks behind you!

Maybe his car was just doing the same thing and then the white care suddenly appeared.

You’re not allowed to park like this… not at all… not even if you were running into the temporary Halloween store to purchase the very last Ken Bone red sweater for a costume… Ya Jagoff!

At press time, no confirmation on the fact that, the driver of the black car, was the inventor of the T-Square!


Thanks to @EmilyLevenson  from for the pic and for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher!


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