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Johnny Angel’s Ginchy Stuff Celebrates All Genres of Pop Culture

In this corner, weighing in at only a few ounces is a Duran Duran pin circa 1985.  It packs a punch when paired with Prince’s Purple Rain album button, or any 80’s icon bling. Across the room, weighing in at one pound, is a Beatles bobblehead accompanied by a lunch box, not to mention books galore about the British phenom.  Perry Como? Check. NKOTB? Check. There is really no showdown since something from every decade is represented in some way at Johnny Angel’s Ginchy Stuff. 

Located on the way to the Rivers Casino off Beaver Avenue, in the RJ Casey Industrial Park, Ginchy Stuff is the hidden gem that identifies all genres of pop culture.  The entrance is a retail area full of albums, books, action figures and other unique collectibles that remind people of their youth, no matter the decade.  The shopping area gives way to Ginchville’s museum, which is often available with a tour from owner and Pittsburgh music legend Johnny Angel of Johnny Angel and the Halos. 

Behold a glimpse of greatness before visiting the walk down memory lane, which is open on weekends 11-4 p.m.  

Doo Wop, Motown and more is represented at Ginchy Stuff.  Even a classic pinball machine, beatnik style. 

Plan some time for the retail space since you will spy something different each time you stroll through. Tee shirts, framework, signed guitars and yep, a Groucho Marx doll. 

Shopping has you tuckered? Waiting to get through the museum? Take a rest on the stage area and take it all in. JA may even offer you an era-specific book or vintage mag while you wait. 

The museum portion includes bands, musicians and customized shadow boxes of performers Johnny Angel has accompanied.  A jagoff fave is Pittsburgh’s own, The Marcels who crooned Blue Moon.  

The place would not be complete without the evolution of Johnny Angel and the Halos on display.  

Curious about what Chubby Checker or the even Nat King Cole looked like back in the day? A visit to Johnny Angels’ Ginchy Stuff will satisfy your craving to go back in time. Shop, admire and patron the museum with a small donation to keep the music memories alive. 

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