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Harmony in with jagoffs

#YaJagoff Podcast

Jagoffs with History n’ Harmony (and we don’t hold one ear while learning)

March 25, 2021

JnR hop in a Honda (Rohrich of course) for the Harmony Inn to learn some history about the museum, even plumbing fun facts about the Inn, and the distance Elan traveled to get badass photos.  We all rocked out to Tina Daniels and sipped Jack Daniels, SIKE! NCB of course!

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3:50 Lindsay at Harmony Inn


Harmony Inn GM Lindsay shows up nervous, but once she starts describing German dishes desired at the Inn, she is feeling at home…..after all her home is next door!  Delivering fun facts like it being the first Butler County establishment with indoor plumbing, she also lets us in on the recent paranormal visit that leads to the supernatural to discussion! Haunted sleepovers? Count Rach out!

Patrick at North Country Brewing

Regional Sales Manager of North Country Brewing, Patrick Morris talks the rollout of the official YaJagoff beer! A crisp and refreshing light lager, this will be a classic burgh favorite in the spring. Travel up to Harmony and discover the area while it has an open container policy- a win/win!

17:15 Rodney Gasch

Presenting big history in a small-town ala President of the Harmony Museum, Rodney Gasch.  He brings historical details to life in the area while in complete German garb, even in 30-degree weather. Listen to George Washington’s influence, Mennonite settlements to its prevailing years since 1804. Plus, stay tuned for an auto show in March.

30:45 Elan Mizrahi

A great photo always starts with a conversation! Meet editorial and portrait photographer Elan Mizrahi as he discusses his technique and travels all in the name of photography. From boomeranging back to the Burgh, to recollecting the jagoff Pittsburgh Magazine feature, he charms with his personality while capturing others

50:32 Tim and Tina/Tina Daniels Band

Dabbling in digital while waiting for live music to return, the duo has created MTV-style videos to back their sultry and blues songs.  Between WYEP playing their tune, and some local establishments starting to host live music, Tina Daniels Band will be a household name by summer.

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