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A Stolen WUT?

YaJagoff Stolen Drilling Truck

Yeppir! Someone stole that!  See story on

I try to be understanding in all circumstances so, I try to think of WHY would anyone want to steel a humongous drilling rig truck. Is there a significant black market for drilling rig trucks where you can get huge thug dollars which potentially balances out the chance you’re taking by stealing it?  What would you do with it if you got it home?  You couldn’t show your friends, pick up dates with it or post selfies of yourselves with in on Facebook.

To the thieves, I just can’t figure out your angle on this one.  My suggestion is, you come up with an alibi that you were planning on taking the thing to help an unemployed friend put in a few fence posts.  It won’t work but, it’s gotta be better than whatever you were really doing like…”Hey.. we started drinking and one thing lead to another and Joey dared me to do it so, I did it.  You can’t back down from a dare!  After all, we’re blood brothers… we cut our fingers open an hour earlier, touched them and took an oath!

Well, you guys have certainly making us drill down into this one! (Yeah.. I did that all on my own)

One final note.. the next time you all get together and start drinking, do the werewolf treatment..lock yourselves in a room without cell phones and only have someone let you out once you’ve made the transition from “Drunk and stupid” to hungover.  That will help protect you from yourselves and from going to jail for stooooopid reasons, Ya Jagoffs!

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