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Fridge Find Faux Paus

Jagoffs in the fridge

Two ways to start this vent.  First, just your simple which is worse because we have all faced the fridge finds that drive us nuts.  From a drop of milk left in the gallon, to the container with a morsel remaining as the leftover, or the two examples here that made my mom blood boll.  The other beginning is better for me.  Why?  It is effective in my home front. 

My intro: (because my kids hate it) who is the blog write-up in the Rennebeck house? This is where my kids roll their eyes and say “who calls their kids a jagoff?”  I proudly raise my hand and say ‘I do.’ 

I guess when I said do not leave your dirty dishes in the sink overnight translated to leave a sip left and refrigerate. Oh, and when I said to refill the ice trays when there is no ice broke down to if there is one ice cube feel free to leave it for me to do.  Now, those three loveys will tell you that neither was left for me…oh for crying out loud come on. 

These people drink a half gallon of chocolate milk in a day and could not finish a swig of OJ?  The ice sitch is justifiable to them because someone would have eventually used the ice cube.  For what dear hearts? None of them use ONE of anything! 

So, I ask you to decide, which fridge find is more annoying? It is a real Rennebeck toss up here. The harder find, which Rennebeck kid did the deedya jagoffs! 

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