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Jagoffery in the Kitchen – Can Ya Spot It?

When you live in my house, you’re not immune to you or your lack of living skills appearing on my blog post.

Thanks for noticing that the paper towel holder (denoted by the yellow Jagoffestrator outline) as empty but, could you please take 8.4543 seconds out of your day to take the plastic off of the roll and, since we’re getting into minutiae of this, AFTER you unwrap said paper towels, place that paper towel roll ON.. yes ON to the paper towel holder thingy that has been there every day for the last 9 years and… when you’re done, since we’re getting into the minutiae of the minutiae…. throw the plastic wrapping FROM the paper towel roll, in the garbage, Ya Jagoff???????

NOTE: And IF the garbage is full when you throw the plastic wrapping into it and you have to stand on it to shove it all down, take the garbage out too please!