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The Jagoff in-Store Challenge Continues – Look Aht!

I mean… how cool is that?

If this is your first day on the blog the let’s back up a sec! (insert deeeeeep oh my gawd I think I just met the real Santa breath here.)

On Monday, our bud Branden sent us the pic below.

So, a challenge was issued: This Holiday Season, find letter-thingies in public places and rearrange the letters to say Jagoffs. Would be cool if ya put a # (hashtag for those not familiar with social media) in front of it too! Of course, the rule is to be nice and fun… don’t destroy anyone’s property.

Well, this little hobby store pic came special delivery from our esteemed colleague in Virginia.  Not sure how long it took her to build this masterpiece but, in my estimation, it appears to be something in the neighborhood of 4, 232 hours to build that and, it’s current value, as in many fine art pieces, on ebay is $5,279!

This is excitn’ yinz guys.  Keep it going!  Maybe we will even vote on the best one in a few weeks and give away some prizes…yes???

OK..keep your cams (short for cameras and camera phones with the millennials I think) ready and, if a ya need to, keep this photo with you so that you don’t have any tupe, tyep, tga, taiepos, damn it.. typos! (stupid laptop keyboard keys… YaJagoffs!)

Email your pics to or hit me up on the ol’ social media!

Thanks to our Honorary Jagoff Catcher, for today, Jamie Andrews