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And the Jagoff Public Displays Continue

If you’re new here, a few MonDEES ago, Branden M had given us a pic of him rearranging some Christmas stockings in a very delightful way!  You can see that blog post here.

We challenged yinz all to send in some more pics..without damaging any property and this thing has been rolling for quite some time.  Each day, the submissions are getting more creative.

Here is another one from deep behind the Cleveland Browns enemy territory.  See the email that came with it:

This one comes to you all the way from Cleveland! (I’m a native Pittsburgher but somehow my husband convinced me to move to Cleveland…)

Target was out of the letter “j” so I had to improvise.

Well… we are getting high-end. Most of the submissions to this point have been from WalMart stores or a craft store (you know… those stores where little old ladies hang out, in between bingo appointments, gathering 1,219 $1 items in a basket and YOU are the one stuck behind waiting for her to chat up the latest in scrapbooks and glue guns with the cashier.)  This submission is from TARGET! (please put nose in the air and say ((long O)) Ooooooooo!)

But ya gotta appreciate the dedication to the mission!  As highlighted by the Jagoffestrator, they had to improvise because there were no J’s and a backward L sufficed perfectly! Hey… maybe this is part of the secret to getting the word JAGOFF on a license plate!

Ok..only a few more days of this and then we vote for the best ones!  Someone is gonna win a prize so keep going, Ya Jagoffs!

Thanks @YinzerExPat on Instagram for being today’s Jagoff-atier and thusly an Honorary Jagoff Catcher!

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