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First Day of School 2020 

First Day of School Pic

Today’s blog written by Rachael as she processes this year’s first day of school.

Usually on the first day of school I have their lunches packed perfectly and in their appropriate lunch carriers. Of course, my senior does not get the matching velcro deal, but you can expect a handwritten note from me in each one of them. They also have a nice outfit on and rock new shoes.  Depending on the previous year, may have a new book bag. While they are excited, they normally need the usual extra reminders to wake up, brush their teeth and shower. 

The first day back while still coping with Covid looks a little different. Trust me, they look nice, and  I think all three of them have developed a shoe fetish. Bookbags not in need of replacement since they were retired early last school year.  

The lunch situation? I still wrote each of them a note and placed them in their appropriate plastic Walmart, shop ‘n save, and target decorative bags to be thrown away immediately after they eat.  What made this year easier is they woke up exceptionally early. Like so early that my morning routine was completely thrown off. I had a hard-enough time waking them for their last church function, chores, dance camp, and even a few hockey games. {outdoor and socially distanced of course.) 

Even with earlier bus times, all three were bright eyed and ready to walk out the door if need be by 6:20 AM. Who are these children? While I like nothing about the Covid situation, the kids in 2020 have learned that any chance to get out of their house, is a chance! Now, don’t lose the hand sanitizer, wipes, or have your new masks ruined, Ya Jagoffs! 

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