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The Coveted “Jag Brag” of 2021

Jagoff of the year

Each Friday in 2021, Elista on 100.7 Star has paid homage to the jagoff of the week.  A simple honor among those who wreak jagoff havoc around the 412 and 724.  The mattress toters gone wrong, the road ragers, the crazy crooks and of course the Peter parkers all get recognized.  Each lavish yinzer headline is carefully scoured thanks to our team of jagoff judges, and then highlighted in the daily blog post about jagofferey.  Now, you can vote for the jag with the most swag.

Choose your fave jagoff blog post to win the jag brag contest with mention on Elista tomorrow as the Jagoff story of the year.  Make your vote count, ya jagoff!

Don’t see the poll below on your email, vote HERE

shirtless man with beer gut carrying beer out of the store

Mask and Shirt Required: Hey Areola Al…shoes and shirt…. you’re gonna have to do better with the shirt thingy.  Maybe buy jerseys so you don’t have to think about buttons.  Covering the beer gut guy is another.


Jagoff stealing packages

Doorbell Cam: None of my neighbors will recognize me in this shirt! Especially when I am stuffing packages underneath it.  Have to include the FedEx Grinch.


YaJagoff Blog Typos


Dorp Type: Someone has a new kind of  t’mata… abbreviated name, THE DORP-DROP TOMATO.  Misspelled grocer games is a must have.


  • SinBinKreations
  • dryer vent Wizard


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