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It’s Last Call, Ya Jagoffs! 

Dueling Pianos on YaJagoff Podcast Again

Sweet CarolineBa Ba Ba, good times never seemed so good…so good so good, so good!  So, let’s do it ONE MORE TIME!  Ba, Ba, Ba! 

The Rohrich Automotive Pick Up & Go Live shows successfully brought people to see over a dozen comedians and even music that demands you to sing along and request favorite pop tunes like Friends in Low Places, Stand By Me and Piano Man?  And we want to have one last hoorah, so who will join us for a pop-up Pick Up & Go Music Show with Dueling Pianos THIS Saturday?  

From what we have learned, Ron Smiley, Ray Petelin and Scott Harbaugh had a special meeting to make sure that the rain stayed away, the cold was Pittsburgh bearable, and some jagoffs could secure a last call for the parking lot gathering that brings the following: 

  • A Rohrich Honda Ridgeline that serves as a stage and demands a crowd to sing along and request faves….the louder the better! 
  • Friends socially distancing in the Preble parking lot outside of Johnny Angel’s Ginchy Stuff and Bicycle Heaven.  Expect pods of pals who bring electric to keep fondu and dip warm, and couples who sit in the back of their own pick up and enjoy time together. 
  • Coolers packed with favorite beverages, snacks and decorative cups 
  • Chairs of all kinds from folding and parking chairs to reclining designer lounge chairs 

Join the jagoffs and socially distant celebrate 1. our best podcast win, 2. a last of its kind parking lot party, 3. Non-burr ‘Burgh weather in October!  Celebrate this Saturday at Preble starting at 7 p.m. for $10 each, ya jagoffs! 

Scroll passed six jagoff items and click for tickets HERE!

  • SinBinKreations
  • North Country Brewing


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