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It’s Just Another Mechanic Monday (wo-ahh-ohhhh)

Written by the vacationing Rachael Rennebeck 

Sharing a beach house with two of your closest friends and their families is easy peasy.  After all, everyone has a skill set.  In fact, one of the attendees during this vacation is our own mechanic. This is a traveling dream—the mechanic on site means car issues resolved…STAT.  Unless the mechanic creates the situation?  

 So, the mechanic heads out with two of the kids to get a few necessities at WalMart and borrows the family Traverse since it was the car first-up in the driveway. No biggie.  Then the phone rings and the mechanic says, ****, I backed into a telephone poll and there is some damage to your car. 

I get it.   Lots of one-way streets in New Hampshire.  As usual the hustle and bustle is a bit much and time is ticking to get back to the beach house.  But we kept finding pieces of the tail light.  Our mechanic didn’t just have a lil tap on the back end of the car.  No, pieces of plastic keep appearing all over the premises of the beach house.  Like I am talking a piece on the car next door, some chipped plastic along the white street lines, and the famous one that someone placed perfectly on the Adirondack chair.   

Needless to say, the beach to do list that started as pack sunscreen, some snacks and hit the beach, has now changed.  The list reads something like wake up, pack beach bag, head to Advanced Auto, grab a tail light and have my mechanic fix the light.  I mean, after all, it happens and could have happened to any of us.  But, really? The mechanic? That is like the line cook screwing up the buffet or the nurse unsure of the band aid location.   

The silver lining is we are on vacation.  There is an Advanced Auto within a few miles.  The mechanic is going to fix the vehicle and vacay will go on.  He feels so badly for the mishap, and we get it.  This stuff happens.  Next time maybe take the other accessible vehicle so that our tail lights stay in-tact, ya jagoff! 

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