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Where’s The “Heinz Ward?” UPMC or AGH? And What’s All The Fuss?

Just had to post this again given Hine’s awesome personal decision to NOT be like Franco Harris and Rod Woodson!!!!

Originally posted, March 5th but it deserves another hit!!!

Dateline, March 5, 2012: Steelers Wide Receiver, Hines Ward was one of the players released.  This triggered HUGE emtions, good AND bad in the Eccentric-Facebook-Twitter-Posters.

“Aw, he was LOUSY anyway.”

“I’m never going to watch another Steelers game in my entire life!”

But then it happened, we started to see people posting about how “bad” and “good” it was that the Steelers released HEINZ WARD!!!   Facebook follower Pat K. even posted this on our FB page:

…the stoner who called the X morning show Friday and asked if they were gonna have to change the name of the Hines Red Zone now Hines is gone!!  LOL

Enter us!!!!!  We posted, “If you griped about the Steelers releasing #86 and you spelled his name “Heinz” Ward, you’re not really on top of things!” and got a TON of conversation.  The bestest is some Jagoff-ery from KDKA-AM’s Rob Pratte (who is a substitute sports guy on occasion).

Ok, no biggie.  Everyone deserves a little TYPO-Clemency, especially us.  But then, he does it AGAIN.


And then AGAIN!!!!!!!!  Isn’t he a sometimes-sports-guy??


But WAIT!!!  Two other Facebook followers sent us this, a Facebook Fan Page DEDICATED to “HEINZ WARD” with hundreds of people following and commenting on it!!!!

OK.  So we understand that Roethla, Roethlissb, Rawthlisburghe…. (oh screw it) is hard to figure out.  But Hines Ward???  Are we sooooo entrenched in our Pittsburgh “brands” that we can’t figure out that #86 has NO ASSOCIATION to KETCHUP??????????????????????????????????????  Imagine how HE feels.  He’s been here for 14 seasons and nobody knows his name.  But we’re guessing those same FANS have an opinion on how many 1st, 2nd, 3rd down catches he SHOULD have had and, probably, most have a shirt with his name on it!


So let’s set the record straight for the somewhat-educated:

That mall in the north hills area is NOT named after a dude named, Ross Parkmall.   Jerome Bettis DOES own Bettis Grille but had NOTHING to do with the Bettis Plant in West Mifflin.  That tall building in Oakland on the University of Pittsburgh campus is NOT named after a famous Irish lass, Kathea Drawl O’Learning.  Point Park, the park is NOT named after the same guy as Point Park University and certainly has nothing to do with “The Pointe at North Fayette” and NEITHER have anything to do with WPXI weather guy Mike LaPointe.  And finally, Sidney Crosby does NOT own an entire city in Australia and Dan BOWELS-ma does NOT have a degree in gastroenterology and is not partners with the other famous GI doc, Lou Stool.

And if ANY of you ever find out what hospital IS opening the “HEINZ WARD,” let us know, we wanna have a fund raiser and ask Hines Ward to be the guest of honor, Ya Jagoffs!!!!!!!!

In all seriousness, good luck to you Hines and thanks for playing it smart. 

Your business value in Pittsburgh rose significantly yesterday… more than you could have made going thru the motions in another uniform

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