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In-Store Jagoff – Shelf Slushy

in-store Jagoff with slushy

Soooooo.. ya just decide to sit the drink cup but… conveniently located next to the Slurpi Game thinking someone would think it went with the game?  You’re too lazy to walk to a proper receptacle and ya know that throwing the thing down is gonna make a noise and draw attention to “who is littering?” So, you just sit it right there!

Would you do this at your house.. in your living room.. put that Taco Bell cup on the same shelf as your VHS tape library?

Do you know that it takes more muscles to reach out and place this cup precisely on the the shelf than it does to walk this thing to a proper trash can?  Ok, that’s probably not a fact but it sure sounded kinda like a smarty-pants type thing when I was pulling it together in my head!

Put your cup in the garbage, Ya Jagoff!

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  • North Country Brewing