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Important Question – Jelly in Doughnuts?

YaJagoff Blog and Jellie Doughnuts

Today’s post from the non-jelly doughnut, non-ketchup, non-lady lock eatin’ John! Rachael doesn’t eat sweets so there’s that!

I can do sweets.. cookies, doughnuts, cake candy all day every day. Make them all something chocolate and I can down double the amount to the point that I become unconscious. I can to peanut butter sandwiches, all day, every day. I can even eat jelly toast all day.. almost every day.

But… I cannot stand that anyone ruins a good doughnut with jelly!  I get it, my stance may be unpopular but I can’t see it. Douse that doughnuts with sugar, powdered sugar, buttered icing and nuts. Fill it with chocolate cream, banana cream, whipped cream or custard and it is taste bud tantalizing, mouth magic!

Anyone agree? Disagree?  Bring some non-jelly-filled doughnuts over and we can chat about it.. 6-feet apart of course!

In my humble opinion, keep your jelly-filling-thingies away from the doughnuts and fill those suckers with some custard… YaJagoffs!


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