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Ig’nernt Drivers – Give Someone a Break!

Pittsburgh Drivers YaJagoff

The YaJagoff blog site was built on the premise that we would point out Pittsburghers that are doing dumb things or ignorant things.. making the rest of us look bad.  This pic is definitely that!  This is an ignorant driver, actually drivers, captured in it’s natural environment.

This is Liberty Avenue in the Bloomfield area with a decent amount of steady traffic.  What you see is, a person trying to pull away from the curb. They even have their turn signal on and are properly angled to edge out if given a break.

Up ahead, there’s a traffic light restricting the flow of traffic which actually gives those in traffic a chance to pause, look around, and maybe let someone else into traffic with a friendly wave or toot on the horn.

But that didn’t happen here!!!

None of these drivers would pause, for 5 seconds and allow this driver to enter traffic. It’s not like they were speeding along and had to stop dead.  They were sitting in traffic, creeping forward completely clueless that someone was trying to get in. WHO DOES THAT??

Get off your phone convos, stop singing and get your heads outta yer @$$es and let this driver out… Ya Jagoffs!!

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