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If /Then a Jagoff Possibility Through EMS 

EMS Week 2020

From Rachael: 

Did you know it was EMS week?  Did you know the jagoffs always pay homage in some way to EMS week? Last didja teaser…did you know that an if/then chance could have had the jagoffs paths cross sooner all in the name of EMS?  Hmmmmmm read on! 

The hard work and grit of EMS workers is enough to show appreciation, but EMS hits home for the jagoffs for more reasons.   

  1. John was a paramedic with many stories of making a difference in multiple communities.  None of which he would boast. 
  2. Rachael was in a debilitating accident over 25 years ago that created a more immense appreciation for first responders. 
  3. John once worked with the paramedic who saved my life. 

While both jagoffs credit the other for each jagoff’s success, it could have been that John was the first responder responsible for the lifesaving task. The thought of knowing someone who stops at nothing to make that happen is mind blowing.  You wonder if that were me then would I stop at nothing? In the world of EMS, the answer is yes.  

If/then didn’t happen obviously, but EMS remains the common denominator of our appreciation.  Especially through the trying times of this pandemic, we salute those who are NOT in an IF/THEN, rather fight the fight daily.  Happy EMS week from the jagoffs! 


From John: 

My days of patient care are over.  There are many professionals out there, today, who care for patients whom they have never met and may never see again.. total strangers. Rachael and I were total strangers when her accident occurred. But cool that we are linked by a common caring individual. 

Thankfully, the EMS industry, typically callous to its providers to “buck-up and move on” to the next call, has started to look inward. EMS/public safety professional’s physical and mental health, divorce, burnout and suicide rate are now under scrutiny.. THANKFULLY. 

In the meantime, what can YOU do? (thanks for asking) 

  • Now more than ever it is easier to say “thanks” to your local EMS professionals. 
  • Stop by their ambulance station… say thanks…. have your kid make a picture with crayons or on their iPad. 
  • When you see a crew in the local fast-food restaurant or coffee shop, say “thanks” or maybe offer to pay their tab. 
  • (This one is the easiest one since you’re on Facebook a large portion of the day or… at least.. your toilet time!) Find your ambulance service’s Facebook page and post a “thank you” note. All it takes is for you to sit on the toilet one minute longer or watch one silly video. 

We realize that every profession has a week of appreciation at this point but, this week, and this week only, we are hoping you will take some action for your EMS professionals. We would appreciate it if ya did…. Ya Jagoffs! (used in the term-of-endearment form!) 

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