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I Yell, You Yell, We all Yell for Yella, Ya Jagoff! 

YaJagoffs are moving to Yellow

Remember the kid game red light, green light, yellow light, stop?  It was a run and freeze game and once you heard the word yellow you knew stop was next. How weird because like a stop light, yellow is supposed to be a slow go so why was it yellow then stop? Then again, yellow could be a slow down vs a slow go.  What a confusing game for a kid! 

That is kind of how Pittsburgh people are feeling as we move into the yellow phase.  I mean what does yellow mean? Yes, we have the list of what businesses will open and how many people we are allowed to be in contact with, but what does all of that mean? Welp, it means use common sense and cautiously accept the newest norm. 

As the pandemic hit, we warned peeps not to be jagoffs.  Not the endearing term of jagoff like we use either. So it is only fit to warn peeps that this is a new stage—slow down or slow up, it is the new norm.  Let’s review how not to be a jagoff in yellow: 

*Sneeze and cough into your elbow 

*Worsh your hands 

*Wear yer mask 

*No handshakes, dabs, hugs—try “air acknowledgements” that mimic those gestures 

*Stay away from big parties and crowds 

*Keep your opinions to yourself even if you think your opinion on being in yellow is more important than anyone else’s, especially when on social media. 

*Remember we are all in this together, ya jagoff! 


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