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Bike Jagoffs

I Spy With My Eye…a Cyclist or Not Really?

cycling Jagoffs YaJAgoff Podcast

As you may know, last week we had a bike-riding jagoff post.  And, no, we are not picking on them. The fact that we have one again this week is pure coincidence.

Let’s play find the cyclist BEFORE your car bumper does!

Yes.. we have to protect the cyclists. Yes, there should be lanes, when possible, dedicated to cycling. Yes, motor vehicles need to stay 4-feet away from the cyclists. We get it.  But… the cyclist has to have an ownership in this game of life called “let’s get home safe!

This guy.. cycling into the sun… at dusk…with all black on including the helmet.. and not one light, reflector or even a Paul-revere-like lantern or candle. Just buzzing along in the dusk.

Sir… you’re like the person that sits on a melted Reese’s cup at a ball game… you have no idea how frightening the view from behind looks! We will do our best to not run over you but could you PLEASE borrow some kind of light or at least where a battery operated Christmas sweater so that we can see you and NOT hit you.. YaJagoff?

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