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I Don’t Need No Stinking Headlights 


What’s that Sesame Street song? “One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just doesn’t belong!” One car operating in Black Ops mode.

Just kinda cruising down the Turnpike in the rain at dusk. Not a care in the world. “Hey, I don’t need headlights!  I can see just fine…as I drive a charcoal-colored car on a black road as it gets dark.”

Maybe the driver was punished severely as a kid for living lights on all of the time and has some fear that their dad is gonna jump up from the back seat and smack the back of his head?

Hey …it’s not only about what YOU see…it’s also about who sees YOU.  Pay attention to driving or take a hint from all of the other cars around ya and turn your headlights on YaJagoff!