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Parallel Parking vs. Isosceles (triangle) Parking

A Jagoff Parking Job

So maybe you’re not good a parallel parking. Maybe you just washed the car and did a little extra care on the rim to make them shine like a Hines Ward smile.  You get the car home and you don’t want to rub the rim on the curb. So you chat the car out a bit so as not to scratch the rim.

But this car… on the “S” turn in the Bellevue area is a little bit more than just a cheat. It’s kind of like a “I ran outta gas right here” parking job. Maybe they are trying the Isosceles Triangle Parking method?

If you know the infamous Bellevue “S” curve, you know that, you could be walking on a sidewalk and have a passing car take out your hip or knee because the swing wide, coming around that bend on 2 wheels some times.

Hey there “Curby Puckett”.. kind of seems like, when parking, you were “Curby F@#@ it!” It can be a little dangerous to stick the back end of your car out like your boxing out Charles Barclay under the boards.  Hope your back fender and trunk were still in place when you got up to go to work the next day.. YaJagoff!

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