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How to Get Your Guy to Watch the Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding Photos

Approximately 2 billion people will watch Meghan Markle marry Prince Harry on TV.  For perspective, more than 130 million people typically watch the NFL Superbowl.

My guess, most of the 2 billion people will be female.  A small percentage of them will be senior citizen men, married greater than 65 years old, who will sit with their wives and PRETEND that they’re watching it, but sleep.  (Like they pretend to enjoy going to the mall and end up in the parking lot sleeping in the car.)

Here are some YaJagoff thoughts on how to increase male viewership of the royal wedding:

  • Start a Fantasy Groomsman League– choose the best 8 male celebrities who you believe will be sober, bathed, shaved and available to be in London the day of the wedding
  • Produce a “pre-game” show with highlights of the Royal bachelor party – accenting highlights with a telestrator and Jay Caufield
  • Coordinate betting on the chances that one of the groomsman ATTENDS THE WEDDING with one of the bachelor party strippers AS HIS DATE – flip back and forth between live video of her dressed up at the wedding and FlipCam footage of the SAME GIRL performing at the bachelor party
  • Sideline cheerleaders and large-bellied, drunk, hairy men that have their naked torso’s painted with “GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS.”
  • Intersperse NFL draft picks with wedding coverage– “And who presents Meghan for marriage?” (cut to NFL) “The Pittsburgh Steelers choose Nick Fairley of Auburn.”

What are your suggestions on making the Royal Wedding “guy friendly?”